Glitter Glue

It is a frequent occurrence that the kids and I will go into the art room and I’m so jazzed because I think I might get my hands dirty with my own work.

So this afternoon we are here and it’s all about glitter glue and Pom poms. I started doing some pencil sketches for a project but as soon as the graphite got going my assistance was needed.

Younger child requested I help her fully encapsulate some poms poms.

Older child has developed a technique for glitter glue application which starts with her winding down the tip of the glue stick, then squirting glitter glue into the recessed space, and THEN applying glitter glue to project via the glue stick.


It’s a magical wonderland for these two. It’s nothing profound, but instead of getting bent out of shape about not getting my thing done, I try to let myself relax and get into the wonder.


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