Mystery Animal: Melkibou

So, what is this thing?


We (my husband, two kids and I) are headed home from a Halloween parade. We did a drive by through my mom’s driveway, she came out with a witch hat on and a bowl in her hands… Before the kids got wise to the bowl, I let my mom know they hadn’t had lunch, she offloaded the candy through the passenger window to me and showed me the little plastic critters left in the bowl. Kids got the critters, one of which is this rare mystery animal.

My husband and daughters were calling it a moose, but I thought the proportions of the head were more like an elk or maybe caribou.

Anyone have any ideas? I want to assure people that this is preoccupying the thought space of no one in my house except myself.

My intention was to include images of real life moose, elk and caribou for comparison, however, I want to be correct about image credit so I’ll look into that and maybe get some more creatures on here.




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