Artist Books with the Kids (make stuff monday)

Tried making artist books with kids and their work to avoid discarding it or tucking it away into a drawer with other work piling up.

They (age 4years and 2years) were doing leaf rubbings this morning. The older child was also practicing tracing and writing the word leaf so we used those bits, a glue stick, some fun tape and a file folder to make a book.

The featured book has materials produced by the older child. While I’d like to say my kid made this book, I did just about everything and it brought me joy. This has resulted in a dispute over ownership. After I was at a stopping place, she wanted to take over and, in my opinion, scribble all over and wreck the book. I gave her some new materials to use to construct her own book. She made a good start. Eventually both kids were decorating walls with glitter tape.


I do have a little guilt for not letting older child work on her book more… it brought a memory of mine to the foreground:

When I was in third grade there was a book report project where the student had to create the main character of the book using nylons/pantyhose stretched over a hanger to make the character’s face and other materials such as yarn and buttons for facial features and hair. I had, of course, waited until the last minute. Using what materials we had, my mom created a masterpiece. The book I had read, Seal Child, was about a girl who was also a seal. My mom stretched long johns over a hanger and painted the face of a girl on one side, and the face of a seal on the other. I wanted to be involved, it was so beautiful. I remember the teacher from my class making a comment about some kids having had more help from their parents than others. Oh, and the diorama she made for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory… epic. It was a chocolate factory and I recall she had used IV tubing filled with chocolate milk for part of it.

These memories help to console me, that this mom involvement must be some rite of passage.



2 thoughts on “Artist Books with the Kids (make stuff monday)

  1. Deborah says:

    As I read this blog I actually laughrd out loud here sitting at my desk at work. I remember it well… the artist Mom (me) trying to find some morsel of self satisfaction in a scrap of art therapy while ‘helping’ child…Let’s nor forget about the mermaid sculpture too….Love Mom


  2. Deborah Rideout says:

    We have come full circle somewhat wouldn’t you say? And that is so precious and delightful and just as it should be… what a wonderful Mom you are… Love Mom.


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