Out in the Garden with New Tuffo Suits

“Your job is to get dirty, my job is to put you in the right clothes.” I say this to my kids, and I mean it. I feel it’s important for them to understand that if they’re filthy and I’m frustrated, it’s that I’m frustrated with myself not them. They’re doing their job.

These Tuffo Muddy Buddy suits are awesome. Just dress the kids for warmth under, but you could also put a tutu on your kid under there. They come as small as 12m and they are worth every penny. My kids are now in sizes 5t and 3t.

In fall it’s great for rain, mud, rolling around In leaf piles. The only time they don’t wear these things out back is in hot summer, or if we’re just out for a short time and it’s dry. Oh, and snow season.

FYI I don’t get any kickbacks from Tuffo, they just have a great product that extends the play of my kids. Instead of being wet/cold/cranky they can play in wet conditions and have a blast for longer.

Muddy Buddy


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