Evening in the Art Room

Older Daughter was in the art room using a splatter paint technique that initially made me cringe a little. As the watered down paint hit the wall beyond the canvas I told her I would feel more comfortable with splatter of this magnitude being performer outside… I emphasized that this was possible, but we would need to set up, and dress appropriately. Daughter reminded me that we were in the art room, and that this is a space to make a mess in. 

Too right.

That is why we created this room and titled it so. We put down the puzzle piece floor to protect the wood and figured the walls would be painted again anyway. So I gave daughter the green light to continue with her splattering.

She is presently sick with a fever and found an old syringe from a Motrin bottle of years gone by… she asked if she could use it to squirt paint…. Of course!

For those without a dedicated space where you can take this kind of mess/ risk of disaster, I’d recommend doing this  outside. I do recommend it, though. 

You can gain more shelf life by watering down the paint a little, and buy super cheap craft paint. These Motrin syringes though, they really stepped up the fun. I needed that for my sick kid today. 🙂


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