Homage to the Dandelion Tributes

Spring has brought with it rain, insects, spiders, birds birds birds, and flowers. One flower in particular has crossed my path with the same persistence with which it grows through my lawn: the mighty dandelion.

My children, particularly the younger, have been taken by the bright burst of yellow. But let’s not forget about “the fluffy.” When the dandelion goes to seed and appears as a sphere of fluff on a stem. My 4 year old describes this fluff halo as the “atmosphere” and the seeds as “the earth.”

I have found dandelions in the washing machine, in my pockets, left as tribute in various locations inside and outside of the house, in the car intact, in the car with all the petals scattered about, and then there’s the seeds from the “fluffies…”

It’s like a treasure hunt. And it will last all summer long…


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