Remains of Small Blue Egg

Under a tree in the front yard I noticed a piece of blue egg. Before picking it up, I waited. I let the girls (almost 5yrs old and almost 3 years old) discover it in it’s resting place instead of in my hand.

Finding the remains of a robin’s eggs always felt special to me. Like some bright blue treasure left behind. Seeing robins,too, for the first time in spring each year has a particular feel, like both nostalgia and renewal and hope maybe? The magic of the first robin was dulled for me, though, two winters ago I realized we had a flock of robins living in the neighborhood who never left… 

It’s something precious, to witness these little moments in their lives, the finding of a bit of blue egg, the rituals that mark the changing of seasons. They lay foundations that are so much more than the crust once housing a developing bird. We base metaphors on such things as this.


One thought on “Remains of Small Blue Egg

  1. Denise says:

    I enjoyed that. Thank you for sharing. I found a shell on my deck this year. I love that color blue. It’s such a happy color.


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